1902 Manual

The First Manual
of the Church
meeting in
Robert Hall Memorial Chapel

Year Ending December 31st, 1902...

Motto for 1903: "Christ is All."


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These Buildings are erected as a memorial to the Rev. Robert Hall, who was Pastor of Harvey Lane Chapel from 1807 to 1826.

The Leicester Baptist Extension Movement were much encouraged by the success of Clarendon Hall, 1894, and Carey Hall, 1897. As they were considering the possible site of another Chapel, the claims of the Westcotes district were urged upon them by the friends worshipping at Harvey Lane. That Church had already resolved to erect a Place of Worship in or near the Narborough Road, but were desirous to work in harmony with the General Extension Movement. If the Committee adopted this as their next Chapel effort, Harvey Lane Church would throw all their energies into the forward movement, and be content to leave the appointment of Minister and Officers to the enlarged Church and the Extension Committee. They desired to perpetuate the memory of the saintly and gifted Robert Hall in the new Chapel, and to identify with it, as an integral part of the new work, the historic building at Harvey Lane, which they were resolved to still continue under modified arrange¬ments to meet the needs of its immediate neighbourhood.

To ascertain the feeling of the Westcotes district, the friends at Harvey Lane invited the resident Baptists to a Tea and Public Meeting on October 3rd, 1899, at the Primitive Methodist School-room, Hinckley Road, kindly lent for the occasion. The attendance was large and enthusiastic. Resolutions were passed with acclamation, asking for the scheme to go forward without delay, and appointing a Local Committee to co-operate with the Com¬mittee of the Extension Movement.

Under these circumstances the Leicester Baptist Extension Committee adopted the scheme, and with the helpful Chairmanship of Mr. J. L. Ward, carried it forward to a speedy and happy issue.

The land was secured by a deposit, March 23rd, 1898, and with further additions, was made up to an area of 1631 and one half yards.

Memorial Stones of the Chapel were laid during the Autumnal Meetings of the Baptist 'Union of Great Britain and Ireland, on Thursday, October 4th, 1 900. Public Luncheon was served in Emanuel Church School-room at 1-30, and speeches were made by Revs. J. Clifford, DD., R. Caven, BA, James Thew, and W. Linton. The weather was unfavourable, and at 3-o the rain fell in torrents on the marquee whilst the Memorial Stones were laid by Ald. T. Windley, Mayor of Leicester, Ald. Edward Wood, J.P.., Mr. T. E. Butler, and Mr. J. L. Ward.

On Thursday, February 28th, 1901, at 3-30, Sunday School Memorial Stones were laid by Ald. S. Lennard, Mayor of Leicester, Ald. G. Clifton, M.D., J.P., Councillor W. Berry, and Mr. H.W. Wilshere ; this was followed by an encouraging Tea and Meeting at Harvey Lane, when addresses were given by Mr. J.L. Ward, Robert Cameron, M.P., Mr. W. B. Clark, and Rev. James Thew.

The Opening Services were held on Thursday afternoon, November 28th, 1901. A prayer meeting was held the previous evening in the Chapel, to implore the Divine blessing, and the prayers were answered. The Chapel was crowded to the doors when Dr. Glover announced his text, I Cor. 3rd chap. 10th verse, "I have laid the foundation and another buildeth thereon." The Public Meeting at 7-0 was presided over by Mr. J. L. Ward, and addresses were given by Revs. K. Glover, D.D., J. Posnett (Wesleyan), F. Lansdown (Congregational), Councillor Jennings (Primitive Methodist), Mr. Hunt (President of the East Midland Baptist Association), Revs. W. Bishop, K. Caven, B.A., W. Evans, W. Linton, and J. Thew.

The Opening Services were continued on -

December 1st: Robt. Cameron, M.P.

„ 8th: Rev. J. R. Wood, Vice-president of Baptist Union.

„ 15th: Rev. S. Vincent, ex-President of Baptist Union.

„ 22nd: Rev. S. W. Green, M.A., Professor of Regent's Park College.

„ 29th: Rev. Carey Bonner, Secretary of Sunday School Union.

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